3 month

After Tax Pricing (per 3 months):
Violins : $59.98
Small Violas : $59.98
Large Violas: $84.27
Cellos : $139.64
Basses : $191.60

12 month

You'll get two months free! 
After Tax Pricing (per 12 months):
Violins : $199.94
Small Violas : $199.94
Large Violas : $280.91
Cellos : $465.48
Basses : $638.68
We bill either in 3 months or 12 month increments. In other words, you will pay for 3 or 12 months at a time. With the 12 month option, you only pay for 10 months and GET TWO MONTHS FREE! The rental contract is not a rent-to-own contract, however, you will be accruing rental credit that can be used toward the purchase of the rental instrument or any other instrument we have in stock. If you reserve an instrument now, we will charge your credit card at this time. The rental term will not start until 9/01/15. The instrument and accessories will be delivered before the beginning of school.

Maintenance, included in the rental price, covers the replacement of broken strings, bridges and bows, and most minor damage to the instrument. Major damage will result in a fee. Complete details of the maintenance are included in the contract.

We offer delivery to most school districts in the area for instruments reserved at least a week prior to the start of the school year. Once you have filled out more information about your rental, we will provide you with details on the qualification of your rental for delivery.

We also offer a "School Kit" for purchase. This kit includes the method book used by the school, a music stand, rosin, a Kun shoulder rest for violins and violas or a rock stop for cellos and basses.

$19.99 per month after tax $19.99 per month after tax (for small violas: 12", 13", 14")
$28.09 per month after tax (for large violas: 15", 16")
$46.55 per month after tax $63.87 per month after tax